How to remove popup from windows?

What is virus alert scam and how it affects the operating system?

We all aware of the fact that computer virus scams can arise in various formats, sometimes they are annoying and sometimes they went away by choosing big X from the top-right corner of the window. Nowadays, users are receiving fake virus warning that says your system is infected, your machine has the critical error, blue screen of death error or many more. No doubt, windows virus alert can arise in different forms but they are only scare tactics so that user can contact the scammer for assistance. Please note one thing in your mind that no matter what they say, or they belong from where, their ultimate intention is to steal money from the innocent users and all this is fake tech support scam.

When any adware extension gets installed on your PC, whenever you open your browser, an advertisement from Tech Support scam will pop-up on your system. Such fake computer virus warnings are bogus pop-up advertisements and attempt to make you pay for their malware removal “services”.

Here You can see some of the examples :-

Some common symptoms
  1. Sometimes random webpage text gets turns into multiple hyperlinks.
  2. Browser pop up ads virus appear and recommend fake updates.
  3. Without user knowledge, unwanted adware programs might get installed.
  4. Advertising banners or images are injected on the webpage that you are viewing.
Alert signs and Quirky behaviors
  1. Fake virus alert scams generate alerts from reputed companies.
  2. If you are not online, you can even bombard with fake Microsoft virus warning or Microsoft virus alert.
  3. Scammers use high-pressure sales tactics to convince users such as “Buy Now!”.
  4. English may be broken or oddly phrased.
  5. Microsoft pop up scam message is addressed to the “account holder”
  6. You will notice a slow degradation in your PC’s performance.
  7. Your computer has been infected” warning redirects you to another untrustworthy website.

How can you remove Tech Support pop-up scams from your browser?

While surfing the internet, if your internet browser displays an advertisement and pretends to be legitimate company then you should understand that you get trapped into Tech Support pop-up scams. At the end of the warning message, they will provide you a number and tell you to call them for help. In such scary messages, generally, scammers hide their actual domain and act in such a way that the victim is on the

If you call on that number they will act like they are legitimate. In fact, you should treat all unsolicited phone calls with skepticism and don’t share any personal information with them. By no means, you should never call on such numbers because if you do so scammers can do any malicious activity through remote access.

Unfortunately, it becomes extremely difficult to close the browser when tech support scams displays.In order to remove Tech Support pop-up scams from your browser, you should try to close browser through Task Manager. If shutting down the browser does not work and pop-ups are still appearing then scan your computer by installing Malware Removal tool.

In addition to Microsoft virus warning pop up, nowadays scammers are calling users as well and if you are the one you receive any pop-up calls for tech support then never ever give them access for anything or share any financial details. So, whenever you see any unexpected pop-up or call or any urgent message while browsing, just stop and even don’t click on any links, don’t give control of your PC to anyone.

Stop pop-ups appearing when browsing with Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and then tap on Tools button.
  2. Choose Internet options and then navigate towards Privacy tab.
  3. Under Pop-up blocker, you have to choose “Turn on Pop-up Blocker Checkbox”. Then press OK button.

Stop pop-ups appearing when browsing with Google Chrome

  1. First, open up Google Chrome and then click on Options icon that will horizontally look like three horizontal lines.
  2. Next, choose Settings> Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Afterward, locate and choose Content Settings under Privacy. Now choose “no popups”.

Stop pop-ups appearing when browsing with Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and then tap on Firefox button that is present at the top left corner.
  2. Choose Options > Control Panel. Now, you will see a checkbox that is entitled as “Block Pop-up Windows”, make sure it is checked.

Hope, above troubleshooting tips will help you to remove pop-up from browsers to some extent. If still, you see any annoying nagging window that asks you to update or pay, you should immediately open up Task Manager and close all opened windows.

What to do if you don’t know how to remove popup from Windows?

When you see strange pop-ups and ask you to call on phone number then you should beware that your PC is infected by some potentially unwanted programs. Generally, malicious browser extensions get added when you install any free software. So, you should pay attention while installing any software and also opt for custom installation. Besides this, don’t install that software that you don’t trust.

If you are not that tech savy person then don’t try to fix such complications at your own. Just do one thing i.e., contact professionals for computer virus removal service so that you do not fall prey to such bogus activities. Our experts have complete knowledge and guide you how you can escape from such bogus activities in the perfect way.

Besides this, users can protect themselves from such scams by using web protection service otherwise take suggestions from experts who are always available at your service. But never ever call on such number, regardless of who they are or what they say. Because once you call on this number, they will ask for a hefty amount of money and if you disagree they will lock your computer. So, it is advisable, never ever call on such fraud number and tackle such problem under experts guidance at Windows Support Toll-Free Number.