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How to Use Windows Defender to remove spyware from your Windows 10 PC?

How to Use Windows Defender to remove spyware from your Windows 10 PC

When it comes to your Windows 10 personal computer, there exist few things that are more insidious than a pesky malware. Fortunately, there is an inbuilt app i.e., “Windows Defender” that is already present in Windows 10 PC that protects your operating system from the pain and suffering of virus infection. But often it is seen, some malware can outsmart Windows Defender by hiding within Windows. To remove such kinds of clever & devious malware, like rootkits, you should run Windows Defender in offline mode. The process is fairly easy but various people don’t know about this as it is actually buried deep in settings. In this blog, we will walk you through the process of how to use Windows Defender to remove spyware from your Windows 10 PC.

Let’s see how to turn on Windows Defender Offline -

  1. Go to Cortana Search box and then type “Settings” in it. After pressing enter, Settings will display, just click on it
  2. On Windows Settings screen, tap on “Update and Security” app and then click on Windows Defender item that is present in the navigation window. Scroll down to bottom of the page until you find Windows Defender Offline section.
  3. To initiate scanning, click on “Scan Offline” button. Once you click on that button, “Are you sure” message will display on the screen. Just click on that button and immediately your PC will automatically will restart. Before your PC restarts, save entire work and close other open applications.

At this moment, Windows 10 will restart but Windows Defender will also scan your system for virus and malware. This scanning process will finish in 15 minutes so you have to wait. If any malware or virus is found, you will be asked to remove it. Windows Defender Offline runs in the same way with Windows 7 and Windows 8 as we do in Windows 10.

Turn off Windows Defender -

Once you opened the Programs, you will see Settings dashboard. After that, you have to toggle Real-time Protection Settings from “On” to “Off”. Also, turn off Cloud-based Protection option. You will be notified once the program is off. 

Run Malwarebytes for maximum protection -

For better protection, you can use Malwarebytes alongside your antivirus. Nowadays one of the active threats are spyware, adware, crapware, and ransomware. We recommend you to use Malwarebytes that not only protects your system from the virus but also perform a better job of cleaning up an infected computer. Malwarebytes also includes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware features that also protects your browser from zero-day exploits. Overall, to keep yourself fully protected, you can run Malwarebytes alongside your existing antivirus.

Windows Defender runs in the background but if you do not wish to be interrupted then you can “snooze” it. If you are using the latest version of Windows 10 then you have a capable protection set that will create the impact on system performance. Overall, Windows Defender is an excellent tool that is in-built in the operating system and provides you adequate defense for your Windows 10 PC.

Hope, now you can perform a full scan using Windows Defender but if any interruption arises, please feel free to ask from our experts. 

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