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How to recover windows 10 password?

We All have committed this mistake once in our lives. When you turn on your PC, you are required to type a password to get an access to your system. Sometimes we forget the actual password and then we look for different ways through which we can recover Windows 10 password. Luckily, the ways to reset Windows 8 password are very much similar to the process of how to reset Windows 10 password. Mentioned below are some of the methods using which you can change Windows 10 password.

1) Use reset disc to recover Windows 10 password

Making use of a password reset disc is one of the ways recommended by Microsoft. But this method also has a shortcoming. If you want to use this method, then you will be required to create a reset disk prior to losing the password. Additionally, you can create a new Windows 10 password if you have `created a password reset disk

.2) Login using other options

The best thing about Windows 10 is that it enables you to log into the system using a picture password or a PIN. You can also open up the command prompt and change Windows 10 password. All you have to do is to press X and logo key for getting an access to the command prompt.

3) Change windows 10 password online

Since the day Windows 8 was introduced by Microsoft people started using Microsoft accounts for signing in purposes. In case you do not remember your Windows 10 password just use another personal computer and go to the main website of Microsoft and open the password reset page of Windows. It is easier in comparison to resetting local account password.

In order to perform this method you must possess alternate phone number or e-mail account details of your Microsoft account. If you don’t have an access to any of those details, then Microsoft will not be able to identify you. In such a scenario, you can try out converting Windows 10 Microsoft account into a local one by going to the boot media.

4) Use PCUnlocker to reset Windows 10 password

PCUnlocker enables you to unlock a Windows 10 computer. It is actually an image which is bootable that can be written on a USB stick or a CD by making use of freeware ISO2Disc. Once you boot the CD of PCUnlocker Live, you are authorized to view all the local accounts for the installation of Windows 10.

So, these are some of the ways that you can use in order to recover Windows 10 password. Forgetting Windows 10 password is a very common thing and it can happen to anyone. But, now you have got nothing to worry as you have 4 different methods to solve the problem of how to recover windows 10 password. We hope that the above mentioned ways to reset windows 10 password work out well for you.  

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