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How To Fix Wi-Fi and ethernet not working in Windows 10?

There is a possibility that you may come across the problem of Ethernet not working when you turn on your computer system after any Windows 10 update. The problem of no Wi-Fi networks found Windows 10 or Wi-Fi not turning on Windows 10 is one of the prevalent issues that a person can experience after updating Windows 10.

When internet connection is not there you face a lot of problem in doing your daily office work. But there is nothing to be apprehensive about. As there are various ways fix the problem of Windows10 ethernet not working.

Check the hardware devices of Ethernet

Firstly, you must take a look at your Ethernet related hardware devices, which includes your computer, Ethernet port, and Ethernet cable. So here are some of the steps that you should follow for solving your issue of Windows 10 Ethernet not working.

  • Carefully check all the Ethernet wires. Ensure that they are properly connected. You can plug them again on your Ethernet port if the connection error continues to happen.
  • There are certain Ethernet plugs with sleeping feature, which can be kept on a low power mode while you are not using your computer system. You can also disconnect the wire and then wait for 15 minutes and then link it back again to the machine.
  • Take a look at the network card. Clean it if it’s dirty. Ensure that it is placed properly in the port.
  • Turn off the wireless network by switching it off. Also, carefully check that the Ethernet icon is in the area of notification and not in the icon of Wi-Fi.
  • Additionally, you can try linking Ethernet cable to some other PC to check whether the network is available or not. If it works on another system, then that means your Windows 10 hardware is corrupting and needs a repair.

Reasons for Windows 10 can’t find Wi-Fi and its solutions

If you are one of the users who is currently facing the problem of Windows 10 Wi-Fi not working, then there can be a number of problems associated with it which includes:

  • Adaptor not working properly.
  • One of the reasons for no Wi-Fi networks found Windows 10 can be wireless network is there but there is not internet.
  • Invalid IP configuration
  • Wi-Fi driver issues

So, this is one of the processes that a person can follow to solve the problem of Wi-Fi not turning on Windows 10. When you solve the issues stated above, then you won’t encounter Windows 10 can’t find Wi-Fi issues.

So, these are the problems and solutions that you can use for solving Windows 10 Ethernet not working or Windows 10 Wi-Fi not working issues. We hope that you can solve all your Ethernet and Wi-Fi related issues by reading this article. 

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