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How To Fix High CPU Usage Problem in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the best operating system that has a new user interface along with several new features. It includes various services that were developed to provide the best performance and high productivity. But as we all know that no operating system comes as a perfect one, it also has some issues that are reported by users. Various users have reported that there are some programs that have slow down system performance by consuming high power from disk and CPU.

All such problems create a serious impact on the system such as unexpected restarts, slow fie execution, locks, and others. In this blog, we are discussing some possible solutions that might help you to fix high disk usage and high CPU usage problem in Windows 10 OS.

Let’s have a look at those process -

Disable Superfetch -

To fix high CPU Usage problem in Windows 10, you should first disable superfetch. Just follow this process -

Open Services and then tap on Services & Applications. After that, move to left menu and then tap on Services. Now scroll down and find out superfetch at the right side. Then press double click on Superfetch that is present in the right side of the registry editor. Move to Startup Type and select “Disabled” option from the drop-down menu. Then apply the changes by clicking on the Save button. At this moment, simply restart your system and let the changes to come into effect.

Disable Background apps -

There are various applications that run in the background, such applications not only consume PC RAM but also affect the computer performance. In such conditions, it is recommended by experts to shut down all background apps so that your computer can perform better. To disable background app, just navigate to Settings> Privacy> Background apps and then turn off all background apps.

Disable runtime broker -

Runtime broker is a Windows process that helps us to manage permissions for apps from Windows Store. Although it is just a little memory that has very low CPU usage. To fix high CPU usage, disable Runtime Broker. Just navigate to Settings> System Settings >tap on notifications & actions. After that, turn off the option that is saying “Show me tips to disable Windows”.

System Settings adjustment -

Make some adjustment in system settings if your system is running slow due to high CPU usage. Simply go to search option and then tap on View Advanced System Settings. After that, choose “Adjust for better performance” option from the pop-up menu. Apply the changes and restart your PC. Hope, your problem will get fixed now but if the problem persists then proceed to next step.

Hard drive optimization for better performance -

If your Windows 10 PC is running slow then it is always a good idea to optimize your hard drive. There are various ways through which you can optimize your PC and make your PC run faster. 

To optimize hard drive in Windows 10, simply go to Cortana’s Search field and write “Defragment & Optimise drives”. After that, tap on the desktop app on your screen. Now select a disk and then tap on Analyze button. Now check whether the disk requires fragmenting or not. Once you analyze, click on Optimize button. Once you complete the optimization, Optimize Drive Window will show you that your drive doesn’t need any optimization. Now, just close the window.

Update drivers -

If your PC is running slower then it might be possible that your drivers are outdated. To update drivers, open Control Panel and then search for Device Manager & also press a click on it. Now, press double click on that you want to update. After that, move to Driver option and then choose the Update Driver option. Once you update the drivers, hope it will help you to resolve high device usage and CPU usage in Windows 10.

Disable startup programs -

To make your PC run faster, it is advised to disable unnecessary startup programs. Press right click on the taskbar and open Task Manager. After that, click on Startup tab and immediately a list of programs will open in front of you that run at the startup. Now press right click on those applications which you don’t want to run on startup and choose “Disable”.

Hope these troubleshooting tips will help you to fix high disk usage and CPU usage. If after applying these solutions, you are facing the same problem then it might be a hardware issue, so we advised you to get in touch with experts and ask for support. 

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