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How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b in Windows 10?

Error 0xc000007b occurs while installing any game or any other application  in your windows software then your system stops functioning properly . Generally this error occurs when both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows and applications mix . Here are a few steps which will help you to deal with this error :

  • Restarting the computer : The most basic thing that one does when we face any problem while working on a desktop , laptop or even a mobile phone is to restart the gadget . Although it may sound very easy but many times it proves to be fruitful .
  • Download the latest versions : Many times the old version of our net framework causes the issue. So the next thing you can do is to update your net framework. After updating you just need to reinstall your game or the application and reboot the system and try to run our game again.
  • Reinstallation of the application : It is also possible that there may  be some problem while installing the application so you may also try reinstalling the application.
  • Run using admin rights : You may try running the application using admin rights. For this you need to right click on the icon and go to the properties and open compatibility tab and click on “run this program as an administrator “
  • Reinstallation of graphics driver : It may also be possible that graphics of your system may not be sufficient as per the demands of the application or games in that case you will have to reinstall the graphics drivers.
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