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How to find windows 10 product key?

product key in windows 10

Microsoft has made it easier for its users to obtain Windows 10 key easily. Although there have been cases where the product activation process does not go as planned. Whether you wish to transfer the Windows 10 license or you wish to install something new, it is important for you to have an access to the product key. Sometimes you are not able to find the Windows product key, so here is the way for you to look for the product key in windows 10.

How to locate the product key?

Let us begin with purchasing the license or product key. Windows 10 is a packaged product that one can buy by visiting the store. There are only two online merchants that have the authority to buy the electronic copy of Windows 10. If any other retailer sells the copy of Windows 10, then it is likely to be bogus. So, you must buy the product key from Microsoft or Amazon of you wish to move forward with the digital download process.  

If you are planning to buy the product key from Amazon, then you can directly go to the Amazon link. There are some people who save some money to buy a license from the Amazon marketplace to later find out that the key that they received is actually not valid.

When you go to the Microsoft store to buy the Windows 10 product key, a copy of the license gets stored in the Microsoft account. Additionally, you will obtain a copy of the product key in a confirmation mail. In case you don’t see the confirmation mail, then you need to see the spam folder first. In case you are not able to locate it, then go to the Microsoft store, download, product keys and then the page of subscription. After that, select the tab of digital content for viewing all the purchases that you made previously together with your product key in Windows 10.

The customers of Amazon also have a choice to go to the section of Your games and software library on the website for locating the product key.

Pro pack key

When you buy a Pro pack key by making use of the option of easy upgrade in your Windows 10 home, you do not get a product key. Rather the digital license actually gets attached to the Microsoft Account. If you plan to transmit the Windows 10 pro pack to another system, then you can do that through the use if activation troubleshooter.

Transfer Windows 10 key to a new PC

  • Launch settings, update security and activation and then finally select troubleshooter.

  • Log into your Microsoft account, which was used for purchasing the license.

  • Once the troubleshooting process is complete, then the Windows 10 pro license will be formed.

  • Perform the instructions on the on-screen wizard for activating Windows.

Retail full packaged product

It is available as a retail packaged product that one can easily purchase at the store. Open your Windows product box, there you will be able to locate the product key in a business card that is placed at the back. The users must keep the product key safely. Also, it is recommended to have a backup copy of the product key in Windows 10. You can also click a picture of the product key and save it online for safe storing.

OEM system builder license

The product key in windows 10 is also available on the certificate of authenticity outside your package. In case you bought your computer from a white box vendor, then there is a chance that the sticker is present on the machine’s base. Again, it is advisable to click a picture of the key for keeping it safely. After some years, the product key will start disappearing due to normal wear and tear.

Locate product key on your new PC

Usually, the product key is already installed in the new system. It gets stored in the motherboard firmware of the new PC. Users can obtain it by typing a command in the command prompt.

  • First of all, press the windows and X key simultaneously.

  • Select command prompt to open it.

  • Enter wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey in the command prompt and the product key will be retrieved.

Damaged or lost product key

Microsoft does not show any sympathy to someone who loses the product key. You can recover the key by using the key finder application. But there is no other way to retrieve or recover the product key and you will have to buy a new one.  This is the reason why you need to create a backup copy of the product key in Windows 10.

Users who perform a software upgrade don’t actually have a unique windows 10 product key. The users who wish to transfer their Windows 10 free upgrade to another can have a one time transfer right. If you are having any difficulty in locating the product key after upgrading your Windows 10, then this problem can be resolved by applying solutions like Show Key Plus.

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