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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 without Password?

In case you want to factory reset  Windows 10 and bring it back to the default settings, then you can make that happen by using a USB or CD as this is the common method. Also, you need to keep one thing in mind that if you use this process, then you will lose all the information that is stored in your computer’s hard drive. The process discussed down below will take your device to the default settings.

Method 1 : The computer without the admin password

One does not need an administrator password to bring the computer back to the factory default settings. Here are the steps that you need to perform.

  • To factory reset Windows 10, go to start, then settings, and then finally to update and security. After that, go to reset this PC.

  • In case you are locked out completely and you are not able to use your system at all. Go to the login screen and then press the power button. After that, select troubleshoot and then press reset this computer.

  • Select remove everything and reinstall the windows.

Method 2: Reset your laptop using recovery partition

Generally the recovery partition is already installed on the computer or they are delivered together with a recovery CD. This CD is used particularly for factory resetting your system in case some kind of issue pops up. Although it would be a very difficult thing to do in the old versions of the operating system such as Windows Vista and Windows XP. So, here is how to reset Windows 10 without password using this method.

  • Restart or turn on your Laptop and press a specific again and again on the startup screen. Listed below are  the specific keys that you must press. The keys are listed together with the manufacturer name.

              Toshiba: 0

               Asus: F9

              Dell: F8

              Sony: F10

             Samsung: F4


              HP: F11

  • Then, you will reach the recover manager that is also called recovery partitions on some of the computer brands. There you will get the procedure to bring your laptop back to the factory default settings. For example, we can use HP. Go to system recovery that is given below ‘I need help section’.

  • Once you are done with the reset procedure, reboot your computer system and choose the setup settings. This is how you factory reset Windows 10 using recovery partition.

Method 3: What to do when we forget the password

There is a chance that you may have forgotten your password for Windows 10, 8, or 7. You should know that

you can’t factory reset Windows 10 to the default settings if you do not have the administration password. In case that is the problem, then you can use a password recovery software. By using that you will be able to remove the password. Below you are going to see some of the steps on how you can unlock your laptop without a password.

Step 1: Download, install, and open the Windows password key on some other computer and inset a USB/DVD/CD drive.

Step 2: For keeping ISO files in your drive, create a reset disk that can be booted.

Step 3: Once you are done, then remove the device and insert it in the laptop that requires factory resetting.

Step 4: Now start installing Windows by selecting the ID number demonstrated.

Step 5: Now to factory reset Windows 10, enter the number for resetting the Windows password.

Step 6: Enter y for resetting the password and then restart your laptop. You can now easily launch your desktop without the need of entering the password.

Step 7: Now, bring the laptop back to the factory default settings.

Method 4: Use installation disc to factory reset your device

If you have lost the password of your computer system and you are wondering how you can bring it back to the default settings, then use an installation disc to reset your Windows computer.

Step 1: Insert the installation disc in your Windows 10 computer and start your computer using it.

Step 2: When the installation screen opens up before you, select next and then go to repair your computer.

Step 3: Now, reset your system by clicking on troubleshoot.

Step 4: Click on the option of Remove Everything. This is going to erase all the data including the password and personal files.  

Step 5: Click on drivers if you do not want to delete the file from some other drive. Now, select ‘Only the drive where Windows is installed’.

Step 6: Restore your device to the factory default settings.


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