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How to disable lock screen on windows 10?

  • Secure Screen highlight windows 10 is exceptionally cool surely, however, a large number of user discover it annoying. Sometimes we even face some issue with respect to lock screen include like a frozen lock screen and so forth. You can handicap this lock screen highlight by following some simple steps in the event that you need to evacuate it. Here in this blog, we will discuss with you How to Disable lock screen on windows 10.

    How To Disable Lock Screen In Windows 10?

    There are two methods, lets discuss them in detail.

    1 - Group Policy Editor to Disable the Lock Screen

    To start, hold windows button o keyboard and press R key to launch Run dialog. And then type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter. If you find error message then we will use step 2, use group policy editor windows pop up.

    In the Group Policy Editor currently, extend the Computer Configuration envelope tree in the left sheet of the window. From here, extend the Administrative Templates and Control Panel subfolders, at that point tap the Personalization organizer to choose it. Next, double tap the section in the correct sheet of this window that says "Do not show the lock screen."

    Windows that pop up next, select "Enabled" on the left-hand side and then click "OK" which is at bottom of the screen. After finishing reboot your system and lock screen of Windows 10 will be gone.

    2- Registry Editor to Disable the Lock Screen

    Some version of windows 10 do not include Group Editor Policy program so there is no need to worry as we have another method to remove the lock screen from each and every version of Windows 10.

    To start, press and hold the Windows key on your console, and hit the R key to open the Run dialog box. Next, just write "regedit" and hit Enter.

    In the left sheet of the window that surfaces straightaway, extend every option.

    Right Click on the window folder then select “NEW” and then “KEY” option.

    The key which is recreated new right click on that and select “RENAME” and name it Personalization.

    Next, select the Personalization key that you just made by clicking it once, at that point in the correct sheet of the window, right-click any vacant space and pick "New," at that point "DWORD (32-bit) Value."

    When you are finished with that, right-click this recently made DWORD and pick "Rename," at that point change the name to NoLockScreen.

    Now, double click the NoLockScreen DWORD that you just renamed, after this small window pop up will appear. Enter 1 and click "OK".

    After Completing Reboot your system. 

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