How to remove popup from windows?

The Internet has become a very integral part of most of the modern households. People from a different age, ethnicity, and needs use the internet in their day-to-day life. Thanks to the internet, the world has become a smaller place and we can communicate, talk and even see them live using internet instantly. As it has been aptly said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, internet, on one hand, is helping us in various ways, but at the same time, some people use it wrongfully to cheat and dupe users of their money. The string of scams which works on click-baits, pop-ups calls for tech support, Microsoft warning pop-ups etc. make people believe that their computer is at risk. These pop-ups come along with a phone number which asks you call them immediately. Please do not call on these numbers at any cost. They charge bogus amounts of money for nothing.

How Dangerous these pop-up malware could be?

To be honest, these malwares are pretty harmful, the first thing they do is to track all your online movies, then they take over your web browser and bombard you with unrelatable ads and phishing links. These malware are generally associated with fake and scam operating companies. They keep redirecting you to unnecessary and unsecure websites to complete their daily clicks quota. And once it gets hold of your browser, it may freeze your screen or browser window anytime, with a number on the screen asking you to dial them immediately since your computer has been affected by a harmful virus. Onc you call them, they tell you they are from Microsoft, which is completely false. Then they will tell you that you have been affected by a deadly virus and you need to pay them ridiculous amount of money. So be aware and remember never to call on these numbers shown with the pop-up. You can call our technical support team for removal of Windows Virus scam. We specifically deal in these kind of cyber security matters and have an experience of over 5 years in helping thousands of satisfied customer.

How These online pop-up tech support scams work

These Fake Computer Virus Scam come in different forms and types, some come up as Microsoft warning popup or Microsoft virus warnings. Generally, the malware gets added to your browser while you are using the internet. These malicious files do not even require permission and automatically integrate into your system. It will track your browsing and show you relevant ads. The pop-up in the form of a fake computer virus warning and freezes your computer system. It asks you to immediately call the number on the screen since your computer is under attack. The worried customer who does not have a vast idea about these fake scams gets worried easily and calls the number. These pop-ups ask you to specifically dial the tech support number. We would recommend the user not to touch anything on their screens and do not call the number at any cost. Once you call their number they will ask for ridiculous amounts of money, which if you disagree, they will freeze and lock your computer.

How to remove this fake virus alert scam from my computer?

The first and foremost important thing to avoid such nuisances is to be aware while browsing online. Always make sure that the website you are using or feeding your personal information into, must be safe. Generally, your web browser indicates whether a website is safe to use or not. If the website is secure it will use ‘https’ at the beginning of the address bar. Also, avoid clicking on random links promising to give you millions of dollars, they are phishing links which just divert you to random unnecessary websites of no concern to you. Let us see what precautions as a user one can take to avoid such fake Tech Support warning scams.

If the malware causing the fake pop-ups still keeps haunting you, then chances are infection has been spread beyond the troubleshooting help. You need to get some expert guidance on it. We recommend calling our internet experts via our toll-free number to get instant help from some of the best IT security experts out there.

Get Instant removal of computer virus scams by cyber security Experts

The continued rise of fake computer virus warnings, Microsoft virus warnings, and many other such pop-up scams have made us realise how necessary it is to not only remove these pop-up scams from your system but also to educate you on the matter, so that you do not fall prey to this kind of issues in future. Our team of IT experts has a thorough knowledge of these malwares, They are aware of the timeline of these fake virus attack warnings and scams and thus will be able to help you further. We provide complete solutions and removal of these malicious file system with the help of our database. Our services are renowned for its reliability, so rest assured of a complete solution. Our services are available for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. We provide some of the finest technical and cyber security expertise at a very pocket friendly prices.


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DISCLAIMER : Window Tech Support is an Independent Technical Support Provider. We are not affiliated to any 3rd party brand unless specified. Call vendor for Direct Support